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Potato and Soya Patties with Cream Cheese and Brown Onion Filling

  I have this habit of going into sudden diets (which last for 2-3 days, sometimes even a week!). This happens periodically  when a marriage or any sort of get-together is approaching. My mom always gets to hear “Ma! From Monday on wards, I shall be on strict diet. Only fruits and water”. Two weeks back the same thing happened and I got soya chunks (I HAD decided to go for a protein diet) from the grocery store. Two Mondays have passed, and my diet… well the less said, the better! Sunday snack is a big occasion in my house. Usually my cousins come over (sometimes with their “demands”) and I am always  more than happy to cook.  So, to cover up my guilt of not going on a “protein diet”, I decided to make something using the soya chunks.

While writing this post I am reminded of the ad which was on air sometime back where a boy says to his friend while sharing his lunch-box “Teri mummy ka veg, meri  mummy ke non-veg se better hai”. One of the moments when I felt proud being a vegetarian. I am unable to find the link to that ad.  Here is another funny one which I managed to find:

Coming back to the patties. This can serve as a perfect snack or as a cutlet for the burger or a franky, make a nice ragada and you have the ragada patties with a twist! Today while picking up the ingredients from the refrigerator, I came across, hung curds,  which was meant for the salad dressing that I was planning to make, but I was way too inspired (read guilt)  by the soya chunks. Brown onions and cheese is a winning combination and hence I decided to use this mixture as the stuffing.

The Pre-preparation

I generally like to cook, keeping all the ingredients ready before I start. Its basically an excuse for my laziness to avoid going to the fridge again and again.  😀

Soaked Soya Chunks

Fried Gram Or Hurikadle- For the binding


You can play around with the stuffing here. Processed cheese/ Cottage cheese  with mint can be a good substitute for the filling.

For the Patties:

 1 bowl soaked soya chunks

 3 medium sized potatoes (boiled)

1 small bowl of fried gram (powdered)

2 tsp red chili powder

 1 tsp cumin/jeera powder

1 tsp coriander/dhania powder

Salt  as per your taste

Olive oil -for frying

For the Stuffing/Filling

 1 small bowl hung curds

 2 tsp fresh cream  (optional)

1 large sized Onion cut into thin slices

2 Green Chilies

 Few sprigs of fresh oregano

1 tsp Oil


Soak the soya chunks for 20 minutes in hot water. Remove the excess water and grind the chunks coarsely. Mix in the boiled and mashed potatoes, salt, red chili powder, cumin , coriander powder  and powdered fried gram powder. You can also use bread crumbs or roasted gram flour as the binding.

For the cream cheese filling, in a hot pan, add 2 tsp of olive oil and tip in the onions. Add just a bit of sugar to caramelize the onions and make sure that the flame is low. Once all the onions turn brown take the pan off the gas and let the mixture cool.

In a different bowl, take hung curds, add a bit of cream , green chilies, fresh oregano and salt. Add the brown onion mixture once it is cooled down to the room temperature.

Make medium- sized round patties  of the soya and potato mixture. The brown onion mixture should be sandwiched between two patties.

Shallow fry the patties, till both the sides turn golden.

Serve it with mint chutney.

Yummy Patties!


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