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Hello everyone!

I am Soumya Venugopal and I am from Bangalore.

Food and the aspects related to it have always fascinated me. I have fond memories of growing up eating some delectable sweets and savories.  My earliest encounter with food began when I was about three years old. Being the only daughter and a hyper one, my mother always used to cook, while making me to sit on the kitchen platform. I absolutely enjoyed the whole process.  I think the first words I spoke were “uppu” and “khara” (Salt and spice respectively). I used to look forward to the tasting sessions (which continues till date by the way 😛 ). Then as I grew up, I started with chopping vegetables. Encouragement from parents, relatives and a dozen of other aunties further pushed me to explore more about food and different flavors.

“Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all”- Harriet Van Horne

I do not actually remember when I started cooking, but I can surely say that slowly and steadily I have graduated from simple South-Indian meal to the exotic Indian and the World cuisine. So far the journey has been great and I am looking forward  to learn more. As they say I just “fell” into cooking! 🙂

Apart from this,I am an Engineering graduate working full-time in a NGO. Read that again if you are confused. I joined engineering with the hope that I-shall-change-the-world, then reality bit me 😛 and I landed up in a place where I can actually make a difference. I am also a  freelance writer, an aspiring guitarist, an aspiring kathak dancer, a voracious reader and a perpetual dreamer. You might see as sudden disappearing act for weeks/months, but whenever a post makes an appearance be assured that its something that is cooked with lot of love and passion.

(My mother forced me to write about my engineering background. She actually sat next to me till I wrote about it!! :P)

The Inspiration

My parents, my grandmother, my cousins and one of my oldest friend inspired me to start a food blog. They not only eat everything I cook but also are my best critics.  A special mention here to the two most important people in my life- My mother, and my grandmother- who have taught me everything about cooking and life.

The Photography

Well, I cannot write much here. I have just started with my baby steps in photography. When it comes to a food blog, its the pictures which make the recipe interesting. With some valuable help from some of my friends, I am learning the nuances and I hope that one day I will get the “perfect” shot. Right now my aim is to take shots, which can make you to throw on your apron and cook!

I do not have a fancy camera, and I have been told that one doesn’t need a fancy camera to take good pictures. However I wish that someone tastes the food I cook and gifts me a SLR soon! ( Are you listening??? :P)

Let’s talk more about food and cooking

Blogofyum is my playground to try something new and share with you my love and passion for cooking. Some of the recipes here will be “Eureka” recipes (recipes that just come to your mind when you are listening to music/see a beautiful color or while rambling something), some are learnt from my mother, grandmother, aunts, some inspired from cook books and websites.

I believe that the food that you cook should be an extension of your personality and your approach towards life. So if you find anything that could be done differently, just go ahead and do it. For any cook, its important to make adjustments to suit his taste. Believe me, if it sounds delicious in your mind, it will work out just fine. Just go with what suits your palate. With your innovation and my recipe I am sure that we can stir up a sweet life! 🙂

I sincerely thank you for stopping by. Any suggestions would be more than welcome.

Hope to see you again and again 🙂

Happy Cooking



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  1. Ashok on said:

    Good intro. You look good too…

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