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Minty Melon Salad

Let me tell you again! I am NOT Β a salad person! Its the weather which is making me feel like eating nothing other than some fresh fruits. On the flip side, I think this diet is going to last for a while. πŸ˜›

With this weather and weekend in the proximity I feel absolutely unproductive (a mental hi-five if you are with me) I have some serious work lined up for the weekend Β andΒ I need to think about five, umm no! ten things that can charge me up.

1. Bruce Springsteen’s “I am on Fire”

2. A long drive (alone, by the way) on a traffic-less road and listening to rock ‘n’ roll.

3. Paint my nails, bright sunshine yellow or orange.

4. Watch “The Holiday” and eat vanilla ice-cream with piping hot chocolate sauce! See! I am actually feeling better, just the thought of it makes me dreamy. I mean both ice-cream and Jude Law πŸ˜›

5. Sleep with ridiculous number of fluffy pillows around.

6. Dance

7. Shop. Umm Didn’t I do that just last week? Doesn’t matter.

8. Pizza

9. A surprise

10. Fresh Mint and Melon Salad.

Now we’re talking baby!

Just realized that two out of ten feel-good-factors above involve food! πŸ™‚

This is a very quick recipe. It took me about 10 minutes. The flavors are absolutely refreshing.

Don’t get intimidated by the melon scoops. I like my salad pretty plus I had to do something to come out of my I-feel-so-unproductive-zone. You can very well, chop the melons into big chunks.


Makes a medium bowl of salad

1 small size cantaloupe or musk melon

1/4 Water melon

For the dressing

10-15 sprigs of mint

Juice of 2 lemons

1/2 tsp pepper powder

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp powdered sugar

Scoop/ cut the melons and refrigerate for 10 minutes. A cool salad is always refreshing.

Grind the min leaves along with lemon juice, pepper powder, salt and sugar. Toss the melons with the dressing.

Tell me how you like it…

More to come…….


Green with Envy


Here we are in the thick of it. Right now I am having a bad shoe bite and an aggressive and a patchy suntan. Oh! and by the way, the SPF-40 doesn’t work! I don’t remember Bangalore being this hot ever!

What’s going on in your kitchen? If you are anything like me, then watermelon is dinner and Grapes, Oranges and Pineapple in the only thing you can see in the fridge. Can’t wait for the Mangoes!

The best of summer awaits, and I hope that this summer brings you some cute flip-flops, great hair days and yes.. tonnes of ice cream.

Coming back to Green with Envy.


I am a regular watcher of the “Cocktail Kings” on TLC. I just love the way they come up with some amazingly different combinations, the fancy glasses they use..may be I should learn the art of bar tending sometime. That’s a +1 to my bucket list.

It’s been almost a year since I started drinking green tea. Since when did I get this annoyingly healthy?! I wanted to jazz up my green tea a bit, and hence came – Green with envy. Green apple+green tea+ honey+ lime juice! That’s it! As simple as that.


Makes 2 servings.

2 tsp Green Apple Crush. Also chopped green apples can work.

2 cups of Green tea

1 tsp Honey

1/2 tsp of freshly ground cinnamon

Juice of 1 lime

Follow the instructions at the back of the green tea pack to make 2 cups of green tea. Add freshly ground cinnamon to the boiling green tea. Once it cools down to room temperature add lemon juice and honey and refrigerate it for half an hour.

Take a glass and pour some green apple crush at the bottom (or green apple pieces) and then pour in the cooled green tea.


Happy Summer once again πŸ™‚

and tell somebody about Green with Envy.

Heck. Tell everybody πŸ˜€

More to come…..

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