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Blast From The Past

I have been on a romantic movie spree since Sunday. It happens once in a while. These are the times when I speak as an authority when it comes to the matters of the heart. I become this philosophy consumed, idealistic creature.

Here’s the thing about love. Everything written about love is true. Yes. Even the most cliched ones. From “Love is Blind” to “Journeys end in lovers meeting”. Everything is true. One has to fall “in” love with everything. You’ll have to think big. That’s the risk you need to take. That’s how it works. Isn’t it?

Now what happens if it doesn’t? What happens when one starts feeling as small and as insignificant as humanly possible? What happens when it starts aching in the places, which you never thought existed inside you? BAM! THUDD!  You fall flat on your face and then you start doing some random things like, joining the gym, getting haircuts and all that jazz.  By the way, falling flat on your face, absolutely sucks! And after all that, however long it may be, you’ll go somewhere new, meet new people, people who will make you feel worthwhile again, and all the pieces which were misplaced, will start falling back into place.  That’s when you know that you have separated yourself from all the suck and try again. Waaaaaaaayyyy later and this time waaaaaayyyyy more cautiously.

That was surely some food for thought.

Aah. Food. Back to square one.

Remember, I had told you, I absolutely had the right thing for this blogpost? Well, yes! I know I always say that. Never mind.

This is my dad’s recipe and I believe that nobody makes this dish as delicious as my dad. I have tasted various versions, but nothing beats this.

Aate Ka Halwa. Ok! I am salivating now. My dad has spent significant years of his life growing up in Kota, Rajasthan. He recollected that this was given as a prasad (anything edible that is offered in religious places) to all the people who went to the gurudwara. There is something special about the prasad given in all religious places. So delicious!

So on Sunday my dad made Aate Ka Halwa. You know there are two categories of food. Food that reaches your heart and food that reaches your soul. This belongs to the latter. I asked him if he could make some more, for the blog, to which he replied “Then when will you learn?”

So I decided to make this amazingly simple, delicious, soul-touching sweet. I have told you about my sweet jaw I think 😉

The ingredients used are minimum, but the process is a tad longer than usual. Take my word, its absolutely worth it.

I have used jaggery instead of sugar, because it gives this rustic flavor and I love jaggery.

Who wants the last bite?? 🙂

Atte Ka Halwa- Recipe

1 cup wheat flour

1 cup ghee/clarified butter

1 cup jaggery

5-6 Almonds, slivered

1/2 cup of water

Heat the ghee in a pan and roast the wheat flour in it. This is the time consuming part. You need to roast for about 10-12 mins. Basically the color should turn from pale brown to slightly dark brown and there should be no raw smell of the wheat flour.

Add jaggery and stir for about 5-6 minutes. Slowly add water, till you get the consistency shown in the picture. Add nuts and serve hot.

And now can you see those running shoes?? Yes? Then go run! 😀

If you never feel guilty (like me) then you are the happiest one after this 😛


Semolina Coffee Cups with Chocolate and Caramel Sauce

And we start! My first post and I am thrilled to bits! As per the Indian tradition, a sweet dish is always a great start. So I decided to go with something traditional… with an edge. I am an avid masterchef series fan and I remember in that previous season of Masterchef Australia, when George Calombaris’ mother came in as one of the judges and was asked how different her food was when compared to George’s, she replied “Well! I don’t bastardize the food like George!.” I think by “bastardize” she meant, the new-age fusion food. This is my first attempt in fusion food and the recipe I have chosen is the very simple “Sheera” or “Kesari Bhaat”.

Let me tell you how the idea for this post came about. During my childhood days,when I was growing up in my grandmother’s house, a craving for sweet meant 1) Holige or Obbattu or Pooran Poli  2) Sheera or Kesari Bhaat and         3) Sihi Sajjige. My favorite one was Sihi Sajjige. It was made out of semolina, jaggery , milk , cardamom powder and the quintessential ghee/clarified butter.  One of the reasons why this dish was my favorite because it was brown in color which reminded me of chocolate. The edge in my version of Sheera is….. chocolate!!!

Sheera is a very versatile Indian sweet dish. One can add mango or strawberry pulp and it completely enhances the taste. Semolina Coffee Cups with Chocolate and Caramel Sauce! There’s coffee, there’s chocolate and there is caramel!! How can one possibly go wrong!? You can serve this with ice cream to add an extra edge. It can also be eaten as a breakfast ( a good break from the regular oats, cornflakes etc).

So make this, seat yourself comfortably with a bowl,and just sit back and relax after all the tiring efforts.


For the coffee cups


1.  2 cups of milk

2. 1/2 cup semolina/rava

3. 1 tsp of ghee/clarified butter

4. 1/2 cup sugar

5. 1/2 cup of strong filter coffee decoction or 2 1/2 tsp of instant coffee powder

For the sauce


1. 3 tsp of brown sugar

2. 3 tsp of cocoa powder

3. 1/2 cup of milk


Take a pan and roast the semolina with a tsp of ghee for about 5-6 minutes. Take it off the flame and let it cool.

Roast the semolina with a bit of ghee

Add two cups of milk and continue to stir till it starts to boil. Add sugar and the roasted semolina. Make sure that the flame is low, else you will end up with the semolina lumps.  Add coffee decoction and continue stirring till the mixture thickens.

Add the coffee decoction to the boling milk

Continue to stir till the mixture thickens

Once the coffee-semolina mixture thickens (the consistency should be such that it can be easily molded into any desired shape), with the help of a mold, give it a nice cup like shape.

For the sauce, take brown sugar,   of cocoa powder and half cup of milk and bring it to boil. Allow it to simmer gently on a low flame.  Once it reaches a sauce like consistency, take it off the flame.

Coffee cups!

Brown Sugar and Cocoa powder

The chocolate caramel sauce


Just dig in


On a serving plate, place the semolina cups and pour the hot chocolate caramel sauce over it. Sit back, and after a bite be prepared to be transported to heaven.


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